Kavianjaam glass industrial group

Introduction Kavianjaam

Haj GholamHossein RezaZadeh began its activity in 1338 solar calendar in the glass industry.

Intensified Effort, working without interruption, technical approach, and respect for the customer from the past to the present is the top activity of this Native of Shiraz successful industrialist.

Implementation of permanent projects, such as installing glass of Shiraz airport control tower and air bases in the 40s and implementation Holy Shrine Shah-Cheragh glasses art designs, examples of activities of this hard-working artisan.

Kavianjaam glass industry companies on the basis of continuous promotion of industrial activities and transfer of experience and hardworking morale to the younger generation, was founded in 1386 and production factories set was established insulating glass (double or multi glazed), security glass (laminate), toughened glass (security ) and bent glass.

In 1387 to set of these factories, production lines upvc windows and doors and partitions aims was added to develop of market and supply of products with international standard.

In 1391 for the first time in the south of the country, Kavianjaam Glass Industry Group to receive national standard was successful in producing all kinds of safety glass.

Kavianjaam Glass Industry Group as one of the famous glass manufacturers in southern Iran, with continuous quality improvement, customer satisfaction, development of domestic markets and market penetration in the region, the rise of Iranian-name products with global quality standards, has decided play a role.