Kavianjaam glass industrial group

UPVC window and door units

Due to the fact that about 40% of energy loss in buildings, carried out through the door and windows. The use of new technologies to improve energy efficiency in buildings can be in all societies.

Using profiles (unplasticize polyvinyl chloride) UPVC is an example of this technology.

Kavianjaam Glass Industry Group, as the exclusive representative KOMPEN, as sales agent profiles and Fittings other well-known manufacturers in Europe. The supply of the company's products, the designer, manufacturer, executor of UPVC doors and windows in the south of the country.

Kavianjaam Glass Industry Group of, according to the standards required in the manufacture of insulating glass (double) and UPVC doors and windows can be domestic and foreign suppliers market demand with competitive prices and standards of Europe.

Features of Kavianjaam doors and windows (UPVC):

 saving energy consumption up to 40 percent and reduce the costs of heating and cooling systems

 Significant reduction of noise pollution

 reducing environmental pollution by completely airtight

 High mechanical strength against wind pressure, hurricanes, and earthquakes

 ease of installation and transportation

 Variety of designs and colors and do not need to be painted

 Against heat and cold and wet rot and infrangible

 Durability than aluminum constructions, metal and wood

 Easy to clean with soap and water

 Possibility of recycling and protecting the environment

 Quick and easy installation